I know I am lucky to have that amount of money. The irony of of it all is if whoever set the Ste-Florence house on fire would not of done it then I would still be stuck there with no money and no way out. Also the irony is that that town is where my parents decided to let go of their rare positives and it is also the worst place I have ever been to but it was the only house we have lived where I was not in a complete prison because it was the only place there were no television in the kitchen so I could go there whenever I wanted to.

When I go out nobody can tell that I am miserable. I have learned when very young to hide it and I do it very well. Only the people who talk to me and to whom I confess things know what is going on with me. So when I meet people I am always smiling so that will not stop me from getting a job. I am shy so I have trouble looking at people in the eyes which stopped me from getting jobs when I left school. I tried getting a job when we were living in Ste-Florence but I did not get one there because of the people who hate people who speak another language than French, here there are many English speaking people and the rest are not like in Ste-Florence and the nearest towns.

I want to be totally sure that I do not end up in debt and or on the streets when I leave. I have always paid my credit card bills when I got them and I have never pawned anything and got any loans, I do not want to start now or any other time.

I have found a few apartments at less than 500$ (the best would be 400$ so that 100$ per week could be put aside for rent) with the electricity and water included but when I called they were already rented so it's hard. New Brunswick would be the best bet because this is where it cost less to live in Canada but sadly they let Quebecers change laws there and it's now almost as worst as Quebec is. The weirdest is that the places it cost more is in the smallest provinces and the three territories which is insane because there are less people and jobs there.

When I am leaving I will never be back and if they find me then I will get a lawyer and make sure they stay away.

We are living right in front of a beach and the town and people here are normal so at least I am not living in a complete hell. I am stuck with two monsters but the surroundings is nice which is helping me to relax (well at least when im out the house and when they are not in the house).