Yesterday (they came back at 16:45):

Mom (middle) = She gave me a look one time, had an attitude one time, ignored me one time and pushed my buttons two-hundred-forty-two times.

Dad (middle) = I had to deal with dubbing two times, he tried to get pity one time and pushed my buttons one-hundred-seventy-two times.

When I was in bed = I could not keep up with these monsters, when it started I fell back asleep before I could write the first number down, they kept on banging the floor like they were doing the morning they got up early to go to their appointment in Amqui, it did not stop for hours and then it started again (they must of been tired from all that banging) until dad left for a walk (that he came back from when i was doing other things on my computer) and mom went in her room to talk on the phone.