It was higher today all thanks to my dad.

A few weeks ago we had to start using less wood all thanks to him and giving lots of it away on two occasions and of course this year Winter is longer and colder so if this does not stop in a few days we will be cold. Today he took the wood planks that are used to hold our logs in the basement and he cut it all in pieces so we could use that, last month he did the same thing to the long logs that are used outside for the logs there. I won't be surprised if he takes some of our furniture and cuts it in pieces to burn. The worst is that I think this year we won't get free (well free yes $ wise BUT my dad cuts it with them and he also cut theirs so he has to work for our wood and theirs too) wood and of course there is no way they will have the money to buy wood so looks like there's a big chance that next Winter will be very cold (if thats the case then no way i die of cold for these idiots....i will close the doors of the living rooms and use the electric heaters here....screw them......i could buy the wood but no way ill do that since he will give some away again), I hope it's just me being a pessimist and that we get that wood for next Winter!

My mom was calm today, I think it's because I said what was on my mind the last time my dad gave away some of our wood, she was being careful around me.