Less than one hour ago mom came here (my door was closed and she knocked weirdly on it so i knew it would either be fully negative or at least partially) and after waiting a while (she acted like she had to give me a bad news) she told me that she would be going to Ste-Florence and coming back Friday and after saying why she is going she of course like all the other times threatened that maybe dad will be coming back before or maybe not. Then she stayed here and pushed my buttons for what seemed minutes until she left. Plus all the other times I was told at least the day before so I could go to a grocery store and get a few things, yesterday we ran errands in Rimouski and they both knew and did not tell me (thankfully i have enough food and wont miss anything but still why not tell me so i could be sure to have what i need during that time).

I was on the edge often today (1 of those time is while writing this post) and close to a panic attack one time.

Hopefully dad will stay there all that time like the last time!