There are many children who are abused throughout their childhoods. One is rarely 'glad' of being abused. One accepts that parents are simply humans who are flawed. One realizes we don't have a time machine and the past is long gone. It is beyond any change. One releases the anger and stress of past memories as being wholly unhelpful for what one is doing now.

Your stress only hurts you. It fills your body with noxious chemicals which destroy your health. Being stressed about the past can't help in any way. It can only hurt. And it hurts *you*. It makes sense for your own health to release it.

You wouldn't keep stabbing yourself with a knife all day long, would you? That would seem silly. And yet we can allow ourselves to wallow in stress over something which doesn't even exist any more.

Let it go. You have better things to invest your energy in. The past is gone. Only you control your present.

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
Low Carb Forum