30000$ is not a lot. I have no job. What happens if that money runs out and I am still with no jobs? I have to be sure that I have enough to live on and to be able to find a job before that money runs out (im also close to being 40 years old and i do not want to be 1 of the poor souls having to still have to work at 70 and older to be able to have a roof over my head and food and electricity and everything else needed so finding a job soon will mean putting most of it aside for my older years). Plus I do not know about where you live but me (im talking about my entire province and most of my country) but apartments that you can afford with a minimum wage job are not plentiful, that may be the only job I can find so I need an apartment of less than 500$.

Their lives is to destroy their only child that is alive and right now they are able to do that so me still living with them is me letting them live their own lives!