For them to even consider seeing a specialist they would have to admit they have done at least one thing wrong and that's something that they cannot do. They cannot even admit they dropped something so if one day one of them admit to being a bad parent world peace would be in effect or money will grow on trees.

Even me offering them a vacation two years ago (something they both wanted) was received as a negative for them. It was like I had punched them or poisoned them.

I am messed up (the greatest example of that is me still living with them) but I should be worst than I am now. I have no idea why I am not worst than I am. I also am wondering why I have not had an heart attack with all that stress, now everything can make me jump up and almost always now also when that happens my heart beats very fast. I am basically afraid of my own shadow.

As of now I cannot leave since the insurance still owes us money. My things were at least worth 50000$, I know I won't get this but I am pretty sure I can at least get 10000$.