Oh Nancy...

I was looking for the post about the cold and the logs, not even one relative would offer in the midst of such a harsh winter.

My words for you are specific and for validation smile At least here you can vent and we've a supportive atmosphere. So, though it's difficult, try not to visualize being alone, though that as well, I empathize.

Have you ever seen the Twilight Zone episode where the Mother, Father, nieces, nephews, etc. go to the ailing grandfather's home awaiting his death. He requested each of them wear a mask and at midnight they could remove them?

(Season 5 - Episode 25)

You might find some relief watching it some evening.

My husband and I recently had a similar discussion about HIS parents. He said, "I'm done." As a result both parents lost out on one of the most beautiful Souls on this planet.

Both take and take and take. He finally told his mother - that's it. These checks are temporary. They extort money from him and well, he's in school full-time, working 12-13 hr. shifts and they both know HE needs to get to a Dr. for reasons they're fully aware.

In one of your posts I remember something like, "How can ESPECIALLY PARENT'S treat a child this way."

The answer unfortunately is: SELFISHNESS, indulgence and pretty much self-absorbed greed, emotionally, mentally and physically. All of which we as beings are in great need of balancing.

My thoughts here are as HE'S FINALLY come to realize: Co-dependence. The longer he stays near his family, the sicker he feels, the more STRESS he has and believe you me, trying to "PLEASE the UN-PLEASABLE" is something that can put you in a straight jacket to say the least.

Let them go...no more threats of moving out. No more hope of their going somewhere finding peace, etc. the peace you gain will be swiftly taken from you upon their return.

His parent's favorite tool of aggravation? GUILT, TANTRUMS & MORE GUILT. The longer you stay, the more amo. you gift them.

Try to get that plan going, moving out. Heck there's a room here if you need one. We're half-way out altogether. Though the "P's" don't live w/us...they STILL make life just as miserable as they can, especially when we're on top of the world.

In fact, there's a room that overlooks a lake, a transit bus for work and plenty of options from there. Sometimes you just need a "room - with a 'different kind' of a view." wink

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