Got a few hours of peace today.

My parents went to where we lived to visit and run some errands.

Mom came in this room tonight to try and whine about grandmom. I kept on looking at the television and replied a few times but without getting into it. Earlier I tried engaging her in something and she shot me a few sarcastic remarks and of course we add all that she has done to me since birth so this is why I did not care at all for her misery (grandmom is a witch and is being cruel to her eventhough my mom has done nothing but being helpful to her while we were living there and she even continued for a while after we moved here). Plus she is angry at my dad because he went to see her and she knew that dad talked about things that are going on here and also he does not hide that with all that he is behind his mom (oh and grandmom also has done many awful thing to dad). She dared saying that she said today to a friend they visited that her mom too was a witch but she was not scared to put her in her place when she was crossing the line; again there she is seeing all the flaws in people except hers.

I may get a 50% vacation soon. An aunt of mine is supposed to go to Quebec for one or two days, her husband does not feel like driving that distance and if she has to go there when the son who wants to drive them cannot due to work my dad will do it which would leave me with only mom since she won't go.

When they talk about going to see their friend where we used to live for many years (Saint-Hubert) they really sound honest about it (it is so easy to sense the cruelty in their voice and so far i did not sensed any about that that is since dad bought a new car - before they have made fun of me a few times about that - i just do not engage anymore so they do not have THAT satisfaction) but for them to do that we have to get a nice offer from the insurance company.

I keep on telling myself that now at least I live in a place I like and that I do have enough money to get away when I am ready (will be more when the insurance finally pays us).

Before the fire there was only negativity so it was hard to be positive; I am more than down right now so it is hard and probably will take a lot of time but I won't give up!