More stress today and almost all of it was caused by my parents.

They were both working hard on trying to make me lose it especially my mom who when I was doing what I normally do to stop her looked at me angry and kept on going trying to win.

The other thing that stressed me was our car. It has been doing a strange sound but today it was hard to start and when it did it was having a low sound and when we were doing our small errands not too far it was making more sound than it used to. I was scared that it would stop and not start again or worst blow up or something.

I had a few other lightbulb moments tonight and these ideas that suddendly came into my head actually close the gaps I needed to close on some things. So that was cool.

I am very tired today, I should be in bed by now but tomorrow will be the last day in a while that I can get up when I want to so I figured that I would stay up longer (finally stopped listening to the Hercules trailer before 1:30 to do the last dishes......havent put it on yet in case im still here in a few