That is interesting what you wrote Lisa. I never once thought that he is doing all that for attention, it may be true. I have tried (stopped last Autumn when he decided he was mad at his brother who happened to be the brother he cuts wood with and gets enough wood for us to not be cold during winters and his big plan was to not go get the wood and somehow we would not of died from the cold eventhough we dont have the money to heat the house with electricity...the next day he decided that his brother said that he was sorry so he got the wood) many times trying to spend time with him doing something he likes and talking about something he likes but every of these times have ended right away with him ignoring it. The last time I tried he had asked me a question and I made a search on the internet and when I told him he mumbled something and went upstairs. It's no use with him so I just ignore him (except when he is at his worst whistling and singing wise) now and just ask him to drive me where I need to (this is why i need to start driving again). And by the way ignoring him does not work, he has never stopped acting badly when someone has ignored him.

My mom has become just like him now so I have to do the same, it's a shame because I at least could have nice talks with her and have fun (watching movies, shows, playing games) but she's the one who made that choice this year. Anyway it's better this way because the little fun I had with her and the nice talks were not erasing all the things she has done to me.