Tonight I reached the limit. I just cannot take it anymore. Unless something extraordinary happens to me and soon I will have to do something extreme.

Every seconds of every games of the Dallas Stars, that is all I want in life, all that is keeping me alive and when they entered the playoffs after not making it for five seasons it was taken away from me. The tiny amount of life, hope, dreams and energy left in me just disappeared tonight before their last game of the season started.

If my parents do not wake up and make what they did to me since I have been born right or if I cannot get out and move as far away from them without any more contact from them both I will have to end my life.

I just cannot take it anymore.

I only exist to suffer and to be a punching bag for my parents, this is no way to live, I could take it when I had the joy of seeing the Dallas Stars but that was taken away from me, I am sure that every of their 82 games I will have that dark cloud over my head every game day thinking that if they make the playoffs, if I can see all of their regular games, it will be the same as this season, no joy and only stress because of not being able to see them or being able to see them but having that scare before.

Being able to see every seconds of every games of the Dallas Stars; apparently it is either too much to ask or I do not deserve it.