Hi Lisa, I'm glad the wedding you went to with your boyfriend went well.

My dad asked that to be mean. He knows that my mom cannot eat because when she does and even when she does not eat it hurts. Rarely does a day goes by without him being cruel like that. Even when she could eat she still could not eat anything because of digestion problem and some allergies and during that time he would just asked her if she would want some then just laugh when she'd say no you know that I can't eat that. A few months ago they did told her what she has but first they are such worthless doctors and they took so much time to end up with that diagnostic that they cannot be trusted and lastly they just told her that then said there's nothing that can be done. The new doctor wants to help and appears to be a real doctor but the tests she wants done to my mom before she is sure of what to do are not soon enough and then there's the big question of when my mom will see her again, if she's still standing that day and if by some miracle there's a game plan then when will that start. To think that more than a year ago it could of all been taken care of but no my mom waited more than half a year to ask for medical help then she let these morons use her for a year then just accepted that nothing could be done. Now she looks like she's fed up but again she accepts to wait maybe until the end of Summer. Just like she accepts my dad laughing at her and like she accepts being his slave. Yesterday she took pity on him that he did not have store bought cake or candy or chips or anything else to snack on and eventhough he did not complain about it for even one second she made him cake which by the way he hates and only ate like three since then (it was 1 of these powder that you mix with like 2 other things but still SHE CANT EAT AND HE DOES NOT SUPPORT HER SO SHE DID NOT HAVE TO DO THAT AT ALL ESPECIALLY SINCE HE ASKED NOTHING).

As for my grandmom I know how it must be hard for people when they get old and realise they cannot do most of whate they were able to do but she has always been like that and the reason why she is like that now is because of her actions. She used to go out often and help people and give her time but when she had to place grandad she decided to stop going out because people would talk. The same with all her injuries and illnesses she waited too long and now she just moves a little and screams from the pain. But the main reason why she does not want to leave is because her favorite child still lives with her. He was about five when she left to deliver another baby and during that time he had a huge accident where he was hit by a car, she has had remorse about that since then and also since then she has always put him first. He is heartless too so he has always taken advantage of this. When he is in trouble he knows that mommy is there. Plus he knows that the end is near for her which also means that his perfect life will soon be over so he more than doubled his actions towards her to get more and more.

One of my aunt (dads side) is like my parents and grandmom, she has a screwed up back because of her actions. In her case she went to seek too many help, she went to different kinds of doctors at the same time and never tried just one thing at a time and wait if it could work. She would like to sue someone for this but she can't because she can't know which doctor did that.

And I'm not going to start with an aunt and one of her son, these two are something else.

So I don't think there's a normal person in my family!