Wow you have been suffering from insomnia for a long time!

When I am at my best I have to have eight hours of sleep, the ultimate best is for me to have ten hours in bed with at least that eight hours of sleep.

I started more than one year ago getting to bed and getting up at different times and I did that for more than a year so I think that that combined with all the stress and my depression that came back is what gave me the insomnia.

I like relaxation music. I started a while back listening to a new one everytime I change my email address (i change it often since leaving Yahoo a few years [it was during a summer...2011 i think] im with my 30th right now) I get them at Sequoia Records (i would give you the link but everytime i try writing 1 here it does not work and erase the rest of my post).

The link you gave me is that an album? When I clicked on it it was a book, if an album is mentioned I did not see it.

I have puzzles too. I have one with five hundred pieces and three of one thousand pieces (1 of these 3 i have no idea why i bought looks not doable at all...its 1 with all the charactes from The Simpsons [bought it before 2009 so there must be some that are not there] and its like small dots of different colors...itll take me years probably to finish

Sports is what saved me many years ago. Michael Schumacher is my god (i keep on going for him....its been a long time since we had some news...hopefully he is out of the coma and he is like he was before). The Dallas Stars are what helped me get through the awful news of Shumi's accident, if Eric Lindros would not have finished his carreer there I would of stopped watching Hockey when he retired. Ralfie is the only Tennis player I watch every games, Andy Roddick was my favorite player and Andre Agassi is the one who brought me to Tennis. When I will get up at normal hours every day I won't be able to watch Tennis anymore, it's a sport with tournaments all over the world so we get to watch it at different times all year long.

It's not because someone is family that it is someone that we should have in our lives. I'm still here because I have almost no money aside (they stole my live savings...i have no job so its hard putting money aside). All I know is the day I move out is the day I will see them for the last time. I cannot fully move on with them still in my life even if it's just by letter or by internet contact. They are only a form of negativity, the only positives they had disappeared after we moved here on November 9 2009.