My stress was a little higher today.

My parents stressed me (dad more than mom) and I also had other stress (my situation + where would my hockey game be [2 channels 1 was going to be blocked where i live...i actually made the correct choice] + where would i be able to watch my tennis match [internet..these idiots on tv started by saying "live from" so i was happy then when they told the 2 matches it was not live]).

I am also very tired since I was awake for most of the night when I was in bed, I also had a big scare waking up after a few minutes of sleep after trying for a few hours to fall asleep (i heard a bang when i was half asleep then my mom whining so i immediately thought she had fallen and hurt herself [she almost did last night] so i put on my robe and when i was close to the stairs i saw a picture frame on the floor so i thought she had fallen down the stairs...after screaming for her she talked to me...she was still in bed).