The ultimatum I think is the best idea for me. If they do not accept I have to immediately start the process to move out and if they do then we all get a needed break and I have more time to properly get myself ready to move out and have more money. Also making decisions even small ones (example: what flavour of bubble gum to buy...i can look at the display sometimes for several not hard to imagine how hard the big decisions are for me........spent years deciding to learn how to swim then finish high school then take half my savings for a long vacation then find a job then move dad decided to retire just months after so i was completely floored and the selling of the house and buying a new house and moving was so fast i could not think clearly) so like that it is not up to me. I have talked about it to Gisele (my nice neigbor) and my internet friends via email and they all think it's the best idea for me (Gisele though is scared about the $ i would have left to eat before finding a would be hard but it could be done...of course i would love to have more money but my sanity is more important than snacks before going to bed and pepsi).

I probably could go spend a night or two at Gisele and Toby's house, I don't see her saying no but I even just three houses down I would be scared that my parents would take that as an oportunity to set the house on fire to collect the money.