My stress have been high since I made that offer!

That night after I wrote the letter I saw when getting my bed ready that my mom had written a letter. In it she was making excuses then she tried making me feel guilty (talking about my brother's death) so I wrote another small letter telling her that what I had written and said was not changed. When I got up she had written a small note explaining a two years sentence that had to do with me getting what was mine (in 2 years they will renew their mortgage and they will borrow 16,000$ and give me my money back....yeah right) and she told me that I would have my answer this weekend. Sunday night nothing so I wrote what is the answer and nothing again this morning, they had gone to run some errands when I woke up so I asked my mom (my dad went to hide upstairs) and angrily she said that the old neighbor was busy with visitors this weekend but they would talk tonight and that I would get my answer then (she used a cursed word before the word answer). She also said that it would not be before September and I reminded her that I said that I did not care that it was next year as long as they went.

So I guess that me giving them money for something that they both want and need is me being cruel!

After my brain and body has been recharged with this break I will be able to work on myself and these two "parents" will only know that I am moving out after I have found a place, they will not ruin this for me just like they have ruined all my plans and dreams.

Right now I am shaking because of me being angry with their reactions!

And if they think that they can make me wait while laughing at me they have another thing coming, if it's not 100% sure by this weekend I will do what I need to do to get out of here as fast as possible!