It was pretty high today but I had no panic attacks. First it started with almost no sleep. Then after getting up I knew right away it would not be a good day (a feeling i had mostly) and after making my bed and putting my juice in the freezer (i like it to be a slushie for my breakfast) I went to my computer (charity clicks mostly) and no internet, when the internet came back and I started to do the clicks (stressed out because i had less than 2 hours before i had to leave for errands and an appointment) my dad had one of his many freak out and like usual my mom just accepted it. My mom left (it had to do with a dad did not like that she is HELPING US) he went in the basement all happy whistling and singing (he does that ALL THE TIME and my mom too...its driving me dad does it like psychopaths do it and my mom does it to immitate him.........i learned to ignore them but this is just CANT) because again he was able to make a problem worst and stress my mom but after he came upstairs sighing because he realised that dinner time was near then he went to the attic for a while then came downstairs angry because he had to make his dinner himself (if it werent for the cooked and cut meat in the fridge and the bread he would of eaten candy). When my mom came back home she and the neighbor did what he didn't want to happen but he became all happy after hearing about it. The rest of the day sucked and was full of bad luck.