Hi Nancy and Lisa, Sorry I haven't been back to you both the last couple of days. Like everyone else, I have such limited time, mental space and energy....right now I have so much to deal with....it's really hard. One of the biggest problem is that every time I try to reply quickly, I'm logged out of Bella Online even though I ask my computer to keep me logged in and then when I log in, it takes about three times for Bella Online to recognize my password, etc. which makes everything soooooo slow. Anyhoo....since I left you last had major breakdown, almost hospitalized, serious thinking about divorce...not because of fighting etc, because romantic love has ended with spouse and I'm having a hard time keeping mentally well because of some of his thought processes about money. Sometimes I feel like I need to leave to and start over just by myself.....job is painful, but trying to fix that......lots of decisions to be made. And lots of work to do. House, grandkids, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Thanks for your support last time I was on this forum, believe it or not, it did delay breakdown. I've been working with shrink heavily, taking extra Abilify, have an apt today again. I think I might take a week off from work so I will not feel so pressurized. Take care, will try to check in more often. I need you and I hope I can help you at some point in time. Ruby