I am sorry that your day was stressful.

I too am good at stressing myself over something that should not be stressful. I even sometimes freak out when I do good. Like when I learned how to drive I had a lesson go excellent and I was on a high, the next lesson was the next day and I somehow let myself turn this positive into a negative and because of this the next lesson (less than 24 hours in between the 2) was horrible. Now with everything that has happened since I moved here I am more cruel to myself and I am stressing myself over little things. Like when I cannot open a package I call myself names and even sometimes ask myself why I even exist. I hope you are not like me when you get stressed or nervous!

Have you ever seen Gael Monfils? He is a Tennis player. To compare him to a clown would be an insult to clowns, your example made me think of him.