My stress is extremely high today and it has nothing to do with my parents.

Everything has not worked today! My keys were stucked in the keyring I wanted to change (my mom got them out with a tool...we have NO idea how that happened) and (there were many more things before and in between the next will take me too long to list everything that went bad today!!!!!!) I just spent more than one hour trying to get a new email address, I had one in mind from ZZN (an Elmo address) and I saw that they are now asking almost 20$ for having an email address with them (word of advice to everyone here....they are NOT worth paying for...anyway i dont see why pay for an email address...i never paid for 1 and never will) so then I tried another place where it looked like it had worked but no so I tried another place and the same thing happened! Finally I was able to find a new place for an email address!

There's a few hours left to my day, I am scared for what is coming my way!

26 days left!