I have to wait until dad closes his television to get food for the rest of the night, almost all dubbed movies are done except for one so let's hope it's not that one he is watching.

As for these maniacs and them having to sell the house soon or they will lose it I decided that today was the last time I asked about it. Mom lost her mind then after acting weird she is acting like nothing happened. Dad is walking around like everything is fine now, he just did the grass which took him several hours in a few days and he is walking around like it was nothing but it shows that he is tired but he wants to stay here because people think we are rich (it cannot connect in his brain that ended up in the streets wont make him look like he is rich).

I will just focus on my savings. I will also start a movie marathon, one new per day starting tomorrow with not a movie but a video of Michael Fassbender where his new character for the Prometheus sequel is introduced. If these two psychotic monsters decides to wake up then fine, anyway I know they will wait until last second for a new house so they will pick one that will need a lot of work and they again will end up in debt so either way I know that I will move on my own soon, mom wants to have enough time to get the new house ready before moving in but she does not want to start looking until this one is sold.

I have many issues but it is a wonder why I am not crazier!

Oh I think dad finally left his television, hopefully I'm not wrong eek.