Mom (start) = She tried to get pity three times, ignored me two times, interrupted me one time, had an attitude one time and pushed my buttons one-hundred-seven times.

Dad (start) = He pushed my buttons seventy-nine times.

Dad (middle) = I had to deal with dubbing three times and he pushed my buttons three-hundred-fifty-nine times.

Mom (middle) = She whined to me six times, ignored me six times, had an attitude five times, tried to get pity five times, complained to me two times, talk in dad's back one time and pushed my buttons three-hundred-twenty-six times.

Dad (when i was in bed) = I fell asleep everytime so I am not sure but I know it was more than twenty times that he pushed my buttons.

Mom (when i was in bed) = The same thing but I am sure that it is more than ten times that she pushed my buttons.