I will be stuck longer with dad and mom will be stuck longer in Ste-Florence (her choice - she is still dying of pain and hunger and decides to go help 2 handicapped people)!

Our truck is not starting. Dad was going to run errands and it started normally and after a few inches it just stopped. He can hear the engine but it is not running. He called mom when I was sleeping and called her another time when I was eating my breakfast. He asked her to buy his lotto tickets (that he is worried about) and he tried reading her what the truck book says (theres a light that comes on - it already happened before but these times the truck worked) but since he does not speak English she could not understand so he gave me it and I told him what it said then he tried the truck again and still not running. Instead of calling a garage that is near here he decided to wait Monday and call Ford in Rimouski (they are closed on weekends - not the garages here) so not only will it take longer it will cost more. He was for one year a member of the CAA but he decided to not renew it this year, if he would still be a member the two would be free and maybe even the repairs or with some discounts or at the least even at full price it would be taken care of fast with the two free of charge. And also maybe Ford will not have any time Monday to take care of our car so who knows when that will be done.

Good thing we have lots of food in our house and that every other products and medication needed is available too!