I have never seen any rooms like you described available in my province. I have spent many hours last years for a few weeks searching everywhere on the internet and not once that was an option.

The Red Wings? I hate that team! Them and Boston are the worst! Right now the Blackhawks are getting on my nerves as well but when they do not get the Stanley Cup this season everything will get back to normal with them (bandwagon fans gone media talking like they are the best team ever referees in their pockets) so they won't be annoying anymore, they did act like they were the kings of Hockey at the start of the season (looked like a bunch of Federer...thinking they are god) but tonight they seemed to have calmed down since the last time I've seen them.

I saw the first trailer of Hercules this afternoon and the music is giving me so much energy, listened to it for at least one hour before a show that was right before my Stars game and after my last show I came back in front of my computer and started listening to the trailer over and over in another window. Things like that calms me, it also helps me get into my fantasy world and that calms me too. Yesterday the same happened but with the X-Men: Days of Future Past but that was mostly due to Fassy!