I know that but all the years of seeing my parents very sick and refusing to get medical help is very stressful. My mom is slowly dying because she cannot eat and you add to that her heart attack, high pression, arthritis and a few other serious illness she has everytime I see her in pain I think this is it. Now with my dad who had an heart attack a few months ago and he refused to go to the hospital everytime I hear him in pain (he whines like hes dying when he gets a cramp) I think this is it too. They don't care about themselves so in their mind I should not care about them either (thats what my mom told me in front of a friend not too long ago...when i told her that i could not do that she left our friends house angry and did not talk to me for days...she would not even look at me), they may be able to do that but I can't.