My computer and television are now in the biggest room downstairs. It was going well with just me and mom (except of course when she was acting like a martyr and pushing my buttons and making things that were not difficult difficult) but at the end when only the television was left and my television chair (that had to be left in that room so i took a big chair in her room) she got dad and of course it went downhill from there, he called her names because she could not figure out how to get the chair out then he almost screamed to leave the chair in the room then became furious because she told him to shut up once then told him to wait then he was sighing when she was adding an extra cable then he several times said that I should just go without television or take her then he said seriously that he could go without television (its a miracle i did not explode with laughter at that point).

Anyway it's all done now, I will need to put loud music often when he will be up since this room is right by the stairs so I will hear perfectly everything.

When she will paint where I sleep I will put the tri-fold bed in my entertainment room, that will be better since I won't hear the water pump anymore (it sometimes makes such an awfully loud high pitched sound) and their noise I will only hear it when they will be in the bathroom.