Encore DT,

I have had plans to move out since I was a teenager at the least and here I am at thirty-eight years old still living with my parents who have made my life a hell since the day I was born.

When my dad came back in July of 2009 saying that he had left his job (which by the way me and mom were employed at - long story) I had more than 16000$ aside so plenty enough to stay near Montreal and get my own place without stressing about finding a job quick but stupidly I followed and this is when they turned into complete monsters and also thieves because they stole my savings (got it back because someone set our house on fire and the insurance gave us a lot of money for our lost house so they could pay me back).

Now I am working on getting rid of the laziness that I got while not finding work so staying home all the time, hopefully in the meantime the insurance company will give us what they owe us for our material things and I will get more money like that.

When I do move out I may have enough to even get out of my province which have been another dream of mine. But even if I stay in this province at least I will be on my own.

Even if I would have a good or even better relationship with my parents living with our parents forever or a long time is not healthy. We all have to find our own way and have our own life.