Today I was more angry than stressed.

I woke up to the sounds of my dad giving away a lot of our remaining fire wood (second time doing that) so I was furious before getting up. He spent some of the afternoon bringing wood in the basement, if that's all we got left (i have to go out tomorrow so ill look where we store our wood outside to see if we have more..from their behavior i think what we got inside is whats left) then before the month is over we will be freezing.

My mom went hiding before I got downstairs and none of them were able to look me in the face all day (i at least started saying whats on my mind and they know that giving away our fire wood [TO SOMEONE WHO HAS A WOOD LOT BY THE WAY] is something i do not approve [OH AND THAT SAME PERSON WAS NOWHERE TO BE SEEN WHEN WE WERE THE ONES A FEW WINTER AGO NEEDING FIRE WOOD] because i dont like to be freezing in my own home and i dont like to help people who do not help me).

They also closed the two living rooms doors and opened the heating electric system so I don't get to freeze today (yesterday was 1 of the coldest day this season and today was worst) so that means that when that bill comes less food for at least a few days.

I often ask myself how we always had a roof over our heads and how we did not die of hunger or cold during Winter with the way they administrate themselves (my mom CAN balance a budget by she wants to be my dads slave so she does like he does), it will always be a mystery I guess!