I could have had enormous stress this past week. My main server for all my personal websites - LisaShea.com WineIntro.com RomanceClass.com and the rest - had a hard drive and mother board failure. The entire server went down and couldn't be repaired.

They tried for a day to fix it and finally had to build me a new server. This new server is running new software (Windows 2008) so there are all sorts of changes and incompatabilities.

But being stressed wouldn't have helped. It would have made things worse. So I took a deep breath and began working one step at a time.

In the end, this is a great thing, because now I have a faster, new server, and I'm using more current software. These are all good things.

If it takes me some hurdles to get there, that is OK. That is what life is about.

At this point the sites are mostly back up. I'm still having problems with MySQL which runs my forums and blogs. Those are fairly large. So I'm losing traffic with them being down. I'm also concerned that there might be some actual damage to my MySQL file and I've lost a lot of data. So that is what I'm focusing on today.

I'm striving to do it stress-free though. Getting stressed won't help me focus. I need to be calm and focused and do my best.

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