Today was a lot better, thanks to your advice Lisa about looking at my Distress Tolerance strategy plan. Only a two Xanax day, pretty good. I put on my smiley face-my game face-my mask of pretense. I made it through today and I'll get up tomorrow and Wednesday and do it all again. Then Thursday, Friday, Saturday and maybe Sunday I'll go to my second job. I have to do this because people have not been paying their bills that they owe our business, so things are really tight. I'm trying to collect their debt, sometimes successful, sometimes not. Sometimes I just have to send them to collection or sue them. If they don't pay then people have to call me about our bills we owe them and I pray that we don't get sued or sent to collection. It's 7:30 pm here in Spokane and I just have to go to bed, I'm over tired. Nancy and Lisa, thank you for your care yesterday. It really helped. Nancy, I'm sorry about your grandma's cat.