At 16:04 my parents left for Ste-Florence. We left to run a few errands after 13:00 and a while after that one of my uncle killed himself in his garage. He was my favorite uncle until I learned he was a drunk driver, I have not cared about him since then, I hate criminals and I do not make exceptions with family members. A few minutes after we came back my aunt called and about an hour later my parents were gone. They are sleeping there tonight and are supposed to come back tomorrow. It's not the way I wanted some peace but I'll take it (when we were living in Ste-Florence i was left alone 3 times - the first was when the remaining brother of mom was dying and the second was to finalise everything and bring his ashes with them so it was not completely fun for me - the last should of been fun since they were visiting a friend but the morning i woke up alone a tooth hurt and it only stopped hurting the day they came back so i spent that entire time except the few hours it took for them to arrive back home the last day in a lot of pain - i did have that entire day to myself this year and hopefully ill get more soon and not because of something awful that happened and not while being in pain).