Poor mom does not think that having 100000$ in savings is enough to survive for a couple the age of my parents. I keep explain to her and it either does not compute or it's just her addiction to debt and drama that stops her from understanding this. Their pension check is more than enough for food for all three of us plus dad's cell phone plus the phone bill and all the other bills that include the internet and satellite dish. That even leaves enough for gas, insurance and even electricity. So that with a house that is 100000$ or less with zero renovations and a saving of at least 100000$ is like they are rich but it still does not compute in her brain somehow.

And dad is ashamed of having to sell the house. In his brain they can remain here. He even told mom the other day they just have to cut with the food. He wants the prestige that come with this house but in three years he will live in the streets and there's no prestige there but again his brain cannot understand any of this.

The previous houses they were in debt but never in danger of losing it except when he left his job so they had to sell in Saint-Hubert. Here the taxes are too high and the yard is too big to take care of.

So yeah it should be amusing to see what they will do and when. Of course without my savings I would not find this amusing at all.