His family has no "respect" for his stuff and felt they were going to do the same with mine(lol). I am working on getting a LARGE trunk so that I can lock up my stuff when I begin to travel. With my NEW laptop (well, second-hand/lol) - I can now follow my heart - travel to Atlanta, Georgia in search of some much needed freelance income.

My stress level, calm, finally realizing that only God can resolve my lack of income since 12/10/11(lol). But I still feel ashamed when I get home with ZERO to contribute to the household although Sylvester says he does not mind. I do frown

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mmm, I love hazelnut. And protect your new laptop! Why did they tear it up?

Today I have a meeting with my new clinician, and I am a little nervous - everyone so far has said she is hard and unpleasant. I will bring my little medical binder and see if that helps her like me a little.

I am hoping she can help me with the little matter of the pinkeye too. If not I will need to work a visit to a different dr in. Maybe I will call her now and see if she will want to see me apart from the clinician.

Other than those medical things I have the rest of the day to work on organizing, cleaning, and resting.