I went outside a few minutes this afternoon and ended up walking around with my mom. She whined about one of the house we visited and said that she would of preferred that one instead (of course she never said it when we visited it and after since dad her master said he hated it) when we were near the beach. Then in the house she made threats about moving soon or them (my parents) dying over this house. Oh and outside I mentioned the companies who cuts the grass and she said no way it's too much costly and I said maybe not and anyway if the insurance gives us a lot of money there will be no problem putting some aside for years of getting the yard work done and she said again that it was not possible (i will get some here to do free estimations - theres no way that it costs more than 100$ even with a big yard like ours - then ill sit down and watch the new excuses both of them comes up with).