For a rare time in her life my mom stood up to my dad. They were outside working on the yard. Two days ago we went in Rimouski and they bought a grass trimmer that is powered by gas, it is too big for my mom and dad bought it saying that he would use it. So they went outside before noon (mom first) and she used our electric grass trimmer and she let dad use the new one. He was complaining when he was trying to put it together and he thought he had it but turns out he put it backyard so he asked mom to do it and she said no that she could not use it and that he had bought it for him so it was up to him to figure it out. Before that she was keeping it steady when he was putting gas in it and he was complaining trying to get her to do it and she said no and a few other things. She came in about an half hour ago and he is still outside working. The only yard work he has ever done in his life is lawnmoyer, leave raking and shoveling snow. He hates being wrong and having to do things by himself. He also wanted this house because of the huge yard.

Mom was saying a while after getting back inside that he could be surprised and end up with a divorce soon, she started saying that about a year after we moved from Saint-Hubert to Ste-Florence so in 2010, of course it is never to my dad's face. I always find these speeches funny.

Just for the fun of it I sent an email to a company that does yard work and also provide grass cutting a few minutes ago, they do free estimations. Maybe these things does not cost a lot even with big yards. I do know that even if they would do it for less than 10$ they would say that it is too much, mom because she really would think that and dad because for him it would be looking like a fool.

Mom has said many times these past months that she wants to sell the house. Must be because she knows I fell in love with it when we first saw it. They were like this is so cool for our daughter that she will have a fully paid house without any need for renovations and now it is we have to get out of here (dad too is whining about this place - i know soon it will be more than just having a lot of work to do outside).

Since we got the money for the lost house we have been debt free. The house was paid cash and besides painting, changing some floors, getting rid of the oil oven for a wood oven and maybe build a second bathroom (it would be where i have been sleeping since the first night) there is no work to be done on it. Normally that is the dream of many people and the people who are in this situation are happy but not them, it is like they are going crazier because of this. They are trying to find ways out of this. Mom yesterday said that we need to get a new roof eventhough that roof has no problem and looks great.

Mom has been complaining a lot lately about her health issues. I cannot wait when we get our next big insurance check to hear her excuse that she still has not enough money to go see a specialist in Montreal to finally know what is going on with her. I am betting it is not what they say she has (severe gastroparesis). Plus she often takes blood tests and everytime it comes back saying that everything is normal; how is that normal for someone who has not been eating a lot for more than two years? This is crazy!