Modern Woman,

I have a hard time facing all that stress. I live in their house so I am always faced with them. I can always go take walks but I have to come back and they are there. I have not found a job so that's another thing that stresses me.

I ended up with a great idea to pay for their vacation (had that idea when i was hearing my mom complain she and dad would love to get away...they are in the middle of family out of this...only my parents are killing me here) it'll only be them going back to where we lived to their best fried who still lives in front of our old house so they only need gas money. Like that they would of had a vacation and I would too (i desperately need at least 1 full day to soul is dead...i need to somehow regenerate myself so i can do something about my life but with them constantly in my face driving me insane i cannot do always either trying to calm myself or i am having a freak out session [hitting myself or/and screaming or/and saying i want to die or/and insulting myself] or i have a panic attack) but it was like I had tried to murder them or something! They then thought about it then said okay we'll go then on an important day for me they told me (via a letter since these monsters cannot face anyone) that they would not go.

Now my idea (unless a miracle happens in the meantime where they wake up or i end up with money so i can get out of here) is to give them an ultimatum, go on the paid vacation or I move out. I can only afford an appartment or 430$ or less (electricity has to be included), that would leave me only 100$ for food but that's doable and it would be better than to live with these evil monsters!