Nancy, I hope Shumi is making a full recovery, too. It sounds like he has a lot of good fortune going for him, you know? He's an athlete so he was in good shape when the accident happened, and he got immediate care from the best trauma doctors available. I know what you mean about the so-called fans. They should be praying for him or sending flowers to his family, and not demanding daily updates! The internet is a weird place, and sometimes I think it is to blame for the increasingly rude behavior of people like the "fans" in situations like this.

Good point about Natasha. I remember that, too. Scary because I'm sure I would have done the same thing and refused treatment because I felt fine, but now we all know better.

And it's too bad that you being fluent in English is thought of as a strike against you, and even an impediment to getting a job! Quebec does sound similar to Northern Ireland where people are so political down to the bone-deep level that they will never get past their prejudices. But I think you going back to school sounds like a great idea. smile