Hi everyone. This has been the most meaningful mental health forum on Bella Online for me. People talk about real issues they are having, and getting advice from a collective of others with mental health issues. Life is not just happy and sunny little thoughts. People in the trenches need a place where they can say what is bothering them. It helps to share what we are really going through. I just got back from a family reunion of over 100 people. Talk about stress! Yikes. There was a lot of fun things that happen and it was nice to visit with the cousins I played with in childhood and how they grew up. There was a lot of mother-daughter issues between lots of mothers and daughters. I couldn't really couldn't deal with a lot of the logistics and drama that the week was infused with and was very glad for my Xanax. I didn't go into the fetal position once! Which is a great accomplishment for me and my psychiatrist. It means we are succeeding in accepting what is and letting go of what we don't need. Hooray! Thanks for listening.