My dad yelled at the poor man who came here to do his job evaluating our house. In his mind it's his fault that we had a huge raise in our taxes. The poor man kept his cool and finally after several minutes of abuse by my dad screaming at him by using logic and facts he was able to finally shut my dad up (what really did it was when dad told him that almost everyone here [not just our city the nearests too] were like him and had made a complaint and asked to have our taxes reduced the man told him that there was a reunion and that the people had listened and understood and that now there were just 6 people with him). Mom said nothing while that poor man was there but after he left she must of gotten scared and she was talking to him like he was right, she even tried to get me in that mess (i was sleeping when all that yelling started and decided to get up during it) but I ignore it completely. He could not even do his job because dad threw him out the house.