Sometimes I am able to completely ignore them and when they realise that they are so angry.

The last time I was able to do that was a few weeks ago with my dad. I was doing something in the kitchen and he made a sarcastic remark about the Dallas Stars (that was when his team Montreal were still in the playoffs - karma got him not too long after smile haha) and he saw me smirk and not caring at all about it and he was furious (not yelling like his usual when he is angry but still furious). Normally when it has to do with my idols I lose it but when it is done on purpose I never lose it.

I cannot do the stare down with them because they make me so nervous. It is all the years (more than 38) of stress. Even when they are both happy and we are all having a great time I am nervous because they can turn in less than a second in any negative ways there are. I am happy that it worked with you smile.