Our agent called today and mom talked a little bit to her then it was my dad who talked to her. She told my dad that it is not because we all signed that it is over that we still can ask for more (that would of course mean 0$ until it is all done) but the worst is that she told my dad that even if we take it if we buy things that we had that they would give us some money back and after he hung up he was talking about all the things we will buy, mom told him that it would not be worth it to buy 50000$ and get maybe 10000$ back but my dad looked way too excited about that part of the phone call. I hope it does not mean that we will be back with debt like we spent our entire life until the fire.

Before that a friend (the only normal person in Ste-Florence) came here a while to visit. She did not bring Toby (her Golden Retriever) because she came with someone that he brought to the hospital for treatments that lasts hours, it would of been fun for him to see me (he has not since the day we moved here) but very boring for him the rest of the time. She says that the next time she'll bring him.