It is official soon they will put the house for sale. If I am still here by then I will stick around just to see if they finally act like sane human beings and find a house that would be perfect like the one I found yesterday and they put almost everything else aside, if they do not do that then I am gone. I certainly will not stick around forever even if they do end up in the house I found or another like it or even better and even if they have a lot of savings aside (if that happens then i bet that dad will go at it until theres nothing left - he cannot let just 1 cent be put aside and doing nothing + he and mom loves to be in debt) if this is what happens then that would just to have more savings for my new life.

That house would be so awesome; the basement to myself, being able to go to the kitchen without dad being in the living room and everything at walking distance.

Dad is angry, he probably would love it to stay here and then end up in the streets. Mom is like a bipolar person, so far today with our talks she cannot wait to get away and is not making up excuses but it will change soon that is for sure. I am happy because either way I know I will be okay with my savings.