They love to control me too much so they will never throw my out of the house. They freaked out in their own way after I finally found a job years ago when I started talking about moving out (my dad was shocked and sadden and my mom was angry), they would have lost their punching bags.

I still see the ultimatum as the best choice. That could actually finally wake up them up. And if I do it and they say yes and do like the last time and don't go then I won't accept it (that will be part of my ultimatum) and start the moving out process.

I am about to change my email address, tonight I start putting body lotion on and tomorrow I am starting my vitamins and calciums, for thirty days I will do that then I will walk everyday (without the body lotion & vitamins & calciums). That will give me back some energy, I could even decide to do something else until then, who knows (when i take long walks that relaxes me...when i end up far away and especially when im somewhere where the only sounds is nature i can clear my mind completely...i have had a few good ideas some of these times...i could have an ephiphany [sp???] of some sorts..again who knows).

Today I have some energy back, I hate the email account I am with so I am excited to get rid of it plus the Dallas Stars are starting again tonight. The vitamins and calciums then the walks should energise me more.