Hi Bella Family:

What is your stress LEVEL today?

Me, level 1.

Why, I have the house to myself while my boyfriend and our 2 doggies visit his family in Orlando, Florida. I chose not to go(lol). Needed to work on some freelance stuff in the hopes of generating some income and really not into his family drama. Now, I do MISS the 3 of them big time- that is my family, but it is so nice to be able to watch the only TV we have and fall asleep in front of it(lol). Usually that is Sylvester's spot. With the doggies, they went this time with him (I am in tears) as his son who is really the doggie's owner will be there. I just made sure they would be coming back!!! His son and wife are in the Air Force and went back on base - so we had the pleasure of playing mom & dad to their two mutts (Jeremiah, Jack Russell Terrier & Bobbie/female, a 3-legged Black Pitt Bull who is starting to gray like Sylvester and myself). I cannot wait for them to return as ONE night was all the ME time I needed this time around.

Last night was #1, 3 more to go!

Now your turn...

And Happy Holidays & all the BEST for 2012!!!!

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