My mom had another freak out for no reason again tonight.

Before a show ended she told me something she received did not fit so I told her that I would go after check what their return policy are (Zazzle Canada - never ordered anything for myself - she bought a few hats 1 sweatshirt and a watch which is what does not fit). So I did that and then a few minutes later while still on the computer she came downstairs almost running and slammed the door of her room (mine is just next to hers). I figured that she was angry because she did not liked my attitude or something else (ever since i can remember either of my parents can turn at any time and change mood just like that) and a few minutes after I went upstairs and while I was preparing food she came there and acted like a child completely ignoring me. After that I came back downstairs and before reaching the stairs I understood why she became angry. She asked me earlier to scan and send pictures to two people by email, I said that I would do that after a show I would watch at 18:00 which was the show I was watching when she asked for me help, she must of figured when I stayed a little longer that I did not want to do it so this is why she acted like a crazed child. She went in her room to post the pictures to the two people. When I was writing this she came to her room and was singing to drive me crazy so I guess she won't ignore me the rest of the night.

When I thought of coming here to talk about that I decided to come here everytime my parents will freak out (i should tell you all about what happened the same week we came here!!!!!!!!!), this may help some people who read my posts and do not see how crazy my parents are. It is a huge wonder why I am not more screwed up than I am having these two lunatics as parents (yes i have MANY problems but it should be worst than it is considering)!