Modern Woman,

I was prescribed ten 0,5 ativans more than one year ago, I took the last this Winter. I got another prescription for the same thing but I haven't went to the drugstore to get them.

The way I see this kind of medication is that you need it when you are no longer functional, it may not show here with my comments (especially since i said that i wanted to die for real and that since then i feel like a zombie) but I still am. I am always stressed but I still can function normally.

If I remain with these monsters though I may need to take medication, I don't want to (my parents would LOVE mom has often said that she loved me when i was taken some [2 different pills in 2 different occassions...not for a long time each times] of course she loved it since i was not functional at all with these pills...i could not even brush my teeth during that time).

If I had not started walking again on March 29 and force myself to walk every day since then I may of lost it completely (spent many months inside the house...only went outside for errands and appointments), that fresh air is calming and during that time I am not inside a house with two monsters.