Nancy -

On meditation, read the article that Susan posted. It is awesome. Yes, it is natural and normal that your mind will jump around! That is "monkey mind" and that is a normal way that all human minds work. That is a part of meditation. It is fine to have a monkey mind in meditation. A key part of meditation is learning to work gently with your monkey mind.

So don't be sad or worry if your mind jumps around! That's what it does. It would be like being upset at a baby for wiggling. Babies wiggle! That is a good thing. We'd be quite sad if a baby stopped wiggling. Wiggling is a sign of life. So embrace your monkey mind. Know that it is normal. And, with your monkey mind, sit somewhere and breathe deeply, just like Susan explains.

Try just ten minutes each day. You'll find that, each new day, you see some changes in what happens to you during those ten minutes. And you'll also see that it changes how the rest of your day goes.

Do you have ten minutes today that you could sit quietly somewhere?

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
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