Awe Ellise!

What happened? Now I'm going to make you jealous. I had one of the best days at work for a long time. We giggled and laughed all day.

My only stress part was walking in my shoes from the subway just one block home. I'm having a little trouble with my left foot. It feels like I'm walking on bones and it hurts. That was my only stress for 5 minutes at the end of my day today at 9 p.m. I kicked off my shoes and socks as I walked in the door and now I'm having a nice glass of wine and talking to you! What a life!! smile lol (and working on my article of course!)

BTW, today at work a lot of our customers were in a bad mood or argumentative, my co-worker who I laughed with all day kept hurting herself in a minor way...I saw a full moon as I got off of the train...that explains a lot!

Don't you think?