I was not able to get any peace today. Normally when he goes outside I know it but for a while this afternoon mom kept going outside and coming back so I just thought it was her again so I missed a few minutes without his television working. Once when getting upstairs I could not hear his television so I thought he was outside but he was still like usual sitting in his chair (when its not what hes doing he is walking around banging all over the floors) with the television in mute mode.

Apparently tomorrow mom is not coming to Rimouski too so I will be alone with a psychopath (she is a sociopath which is not better but between the 2 he is the most on the edge of completely losing it so the more dangerous).

Also I have again no idea when they will go to Ste-Florence, the other day I was sure they would go but now I am not too sure anymore.

And still zero visitor for the house.